Autumn is the undisputed Champion of the Seasons in my book, going 3 and 0 against the others – and it’s the ideal season for cigars.  It’s the perfect transition from summer’s burning rays to winter’s biting cold.  And while the days grow shorter, we’re still able to take advantage of the cigar friendly weather and activities.
Cigars are naturally suited for fall’s cooler temperatures and less humid conditions.  That’s not to say that they don’t require continual care and maintenance in your humidor, but fall is a more forgiving season which is great for this grab and go time of the year!
Morning rounds of golf are more enjoyable in the fall when your cigar burns more evenly and your game is more relaxed. Evenings around the fire pit aren’t complete without friends sharing stories – and stogies.  College football games and tailgate parties with your favorite sticks are made possible because of the fall.  And if college football isn’t your thing, then only fall offers the convergence of the MLB postseason, the NFL and the NBA!  Whatever your sport or team, they’re likely playing in the fall – and that means cheering, cursing, crying – AND cigars!  Victory cigars, lucky cigars, and team themed cigars – they go hand in hand with sports and the fall!
Even the dreaded lawn cleanup feels less tedious in the fall when you’re not sweltering under the sun – granted there are more leaves to deal with thanks to the fall – but with so many affordable cigars to keep you company, your yard work is a little more bearable!
Then there are the amazing fall releases from Quesada’s Oktoberfest to Viaje’s Stuffed Turkey, that’s right, fall spans Halloween, Thanksgiving and almost goes into Christmas!  And it’s not just the cigar releases in the fall, but also the seasonal releases from our favorite breweries and distilleries!  Hearty pairing options take the spotlight – hats off to some Hardywood Gingerbread Stout and a little Pappy this year!
So when you’re surrounded by family and friends this Thanksgiving weekend, don’t rush headfirst into the Christmas holiday season – pause for a second before the chaos, enjoy that cigar and think of fall before it’s gone!

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